27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Why Leave the Kids Behind?

Kids, by nature are active and adventurous. Even in motorcycle riding they do not want to be left behind. The problem is that parents won’t allow them. So what are your remedies?

Good news is that they can enjoy the ride as a co-rider. So how do you

secure their safety? Here are some pointers to follow.

Motorcycle Apparel

Just like the adults, kids need superior protection. Moreover, you have to make them wear quality gears that are especially catered to kids. Helmets, gloves, boots, denim or chaps and so on.

Another apparel to consider is the eyewear. Studies have shown that children who earlier started wearing eye protection while engaging in outdoors have better chances of avoiding major eye health problems later in life. To be sure that you are getting quality lens, try polycarbonate plastic lenses that block 99-100% of both UVA and UVB.

The comfort of the passenger should not be overlooked. It is not the driver’s comfort that should be solely considered. It has to be both the passenger and the driver. Solid support should be given to the head, feet and the central part of the body. These parts are likely to suffer more than other body parts.

Understanding the Co-rider’s Rules

Make your kids understand the co-rider’s rules. Teach them where to focus their eyes, where to hold on, when to tilt, to bend, what to do in times of mishaps and other crucial information. They have to know it early on to be cautious and ready.

In a nutshell, teach them the basics. They will surely appreciate it in times that they have to pull something within them to survive a certain situation.

Understanding the Co-rider’s Responsibilities

Aside from the well-settled rules, your kids should know their responsibilities in order to act on them properly. They must be aware of what they are doing and its possible consequences. They must know their limits. Tell them that it is not always play time when they are mounted on the motorcycle. They have to be responsible in all their acts. Thus, spreading their arms like an eagle must be avoided so as not to invite danger.

Riding with kids is a fun experience. However, it can turn out to be your worst nightmare. Avoid it by being prepared, responsible and protected.

Ride hard, gear on!

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