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7 Useful Tips That You Need To Know About Checking And Maintaining Your Motor Bike's Pressure

As we all know, tire pressure is of paramount importance to a vehicle owner, especially the motor bike's owner.

As a motor bike owner, you really want to have the correct motor cycle tire pressure on a consistent basis, given the fact that tires are the only contacts between the motorcycle and the road.

The tires serve a few important primary functions, such as:

* Act as a buffer / cushion between you and the road, for a comfortable ride.

* Providing traction and friction when needed.

* Transmit your handling intention.

Here's some useful tips on checking your motor bike tire pressure:

1. First and foremost, know what is the correct tire pressure for your motor bike - this piece of information can usually be found under the seat of the motor cycle or the user manual provided by the motor bike manufacturer.

2. Using the correct pressure recommended by the motor bike manufacturer is very important as the pressure. This is in contrast to the information that is stated (by the tire manufacturer) on the tire sidewall, which indicates the maximum pressure allowed for the tire - and it therefore does not take into consideration the other characteristics of your motor bike, such as weight, handling characteristics etc, information which your motorbike manufacturer will know. Do note that the above information applies to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tires. If you are not going to use the OEM tires, you will probably have to consult the tire manufacturer for the right tire pressure to use.

3. It is important to check your tire pressure when it is 'cold' - meaning it has been in the rested state for at least 3 hours. This is because tire can 'heat up' quite considerably, especially when going a high speed.

4. Unlike for cars, which the recommended interval of checking tire pressure is once a month, motor cycle tire manufacturers recommend checking tire pressure of your motor bike at least once a week.

5. Some professionals even recommend checking tire pressures daily, especially if you are going on long a trip. Do note that every 1 psi difference is equivalent to about sixty to seventy pounds of load bearing capacity.

6. Another important factor to consider is that you will have to do a check whenever there is a change in the temperature. A sudden drastic drop in temperature will almost immediately make your motorcycle tires underinflated.

7. Checking your motorcycle tire pressure right before making a long trip is also a good practice.

In conclusion, know the correct tire pressure for your motor bike, make sure that you check and inflate your tires on a regular basis for better fuel efficiency, reduced wear and tear of your tires and most important, safe handling.

Ride safe and be merry.

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