27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

ABC in Motorcycle Riding

Riding is colorful, thrilling, dangerous and addicting. If you have started riding at an early stage by the time you reach forty you may have ample riding stories to tell. You may also have learned loads of riding techniques.

Riding is my outlet. It makes me struggle for more and it frees my mind from worrying too much of life’s complexities. So what have I learn?

You learn a lot from riding. What I am to tell you are just few of the things that I have known and cherished.

I have seen almost everything. Fatal crashes, traumatic incidents, ecstatic winning moments and other worth remembering instances.

One thing about motorcycle crashes is that they often leave many clues as to the cause of what has occurred. The appearance of the motorcycle, motorcycle accessories, the smithereens surrounding the scene, the victims and the likes are evidence of the incident. We call it crash because there is still time to prevent it nonetheless, it was not prevented just the same.

Most of the riders panic under this situation. As a result, they do not know what to do next. No action plan means trouble. It can cause further damage or increase fatalities which should not be the case.

Be selective of your riding peers. If you are a co-rider about the person you choose to ride with. In order to keep up with him, be sure that your skills are not far off. Otherwise your ride will not be the ride that you want to ride. Ride with those people who are responsible enough when it comes to their driving.

Drive defensively. Focus. Concentration gives you mental alertness in deciding how to avoid troubles. Stay away from risky road chases. They are nothing but invitation to lie on a coffin - lifeless.

Nothing compares to traveling prepared. Always wear your protective motorcycle accessories and apparel. You can save a life by doing so and that life can be yours.

Listen to your heart, what does your passion dictates? Are you really into riding? What do you mean by that? You should be riding safely and responsibly. Then you can conquer the road, track or terrain. Be good and return home safe and sound!

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