27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Best Motorcycle Eyewear is not just Coincidence

Purchasing the best motorcycle apparel such as an eyewear is neither luck nor coincidence. It takes the right reason to back up your choice of eyewear. To help you decide, here are some pointers to consider.


When it comes to lens, it is better to choose polycarbonate over glass. The former is shatterproof so you need not worry about debris entering your eyes when collision happens. Glass debris can leave a person blind so avoid it. Also consider bigger lenses so as to give you bigger eye coverage thus, maximizes your eye protection.

Color of the lens also matters. You have to coordinate it with various conditions of a given ride. Use clear lens at night and rainy days or in times when clean vision is indispensable. Yellow or amber tint can be used on foggy and low light driving conditions. Grey or smoke, on the other hand, you can use it on sunny a sunny ride. Lastly, the colors green, blue or brown can be used if you want a tweaked view when you ride.

There are different types of coatings. The first one is the Ultra-violet coating. It protects the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. Polarized coating is another type. This coating greatly reduces glare and allows you to see in the most blinding situation. This can help you avoid perilous road mishaps. Scratch resistant coating is another type.

As the name implies, this coating is made to protect your eyewear from scratch, pricks and the like. When you accidentally drop your eyewear, you will be secured that it will not be scratched. This is to be avoided because a scratched lens impairs vision. Even a light scratch can cause eye fatigue, that is.

Another type is the transitional light adjusting which adjusts the lens color so as to give more shade in bright conditions. Finally, another worth-having type of eyewear is the non-reflective inside coating. It eliminates the reflection inside the lenses.


If you are into sunglasses, choice nylon or plastic frames and never metal. The latter do not hold up to the rigors of riding. It can even get bent easily. Another factor to consider is the frame’s design. Look for a contoured bend to go with your head.


Your eyewear must have a snug fit to achieve the best protection. Be sure that the eyewear rests on your ears comfortably. Not too tight yet not too loose. A nose piece must be snug enough but will not leave marks on your nose.

Be sure to get bigger protection in order for your eyes and your eyesight to be free from probable risks.

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