27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Hand wash your motorcycle!

Perhaps, you are one of the multitudes of riders, who have visited the famous Sturgis, Daytona and Laughlin bike wash stands. The reason might be for bike washing alone or it may also be for the bikini clad girls washing the bikes. Either ways, you have to be sure that your bike is squeaky clean afterwards!

A motorcycle is far different from a car. Moreover, do not bring the former to a car wash station when it needs washing. Car wash stations use high pressure spray in cleaning and washing cars. This spray is too harsh for a bike. In fact, water is often stuck up under your gasket when high pressure spray is used in your bike. Bear in mind that oem and aftermarket motorcycle parts are more exposed to external elements compared to auto parts. Be sure to consider them in doing your regular wash.

Aside from high pressure sprays, paper towels and strong household detergent must also be avoided. The second can prick or scratch your bike and the last can strip the wax and dull the finish on black engines or plastic housings. In cleaning your bike, use 100% cotton cloth.

The next question is – should you wax or polish? To give you a good idea which to use, let us discuss both. Wax has no grit to it. Thus, it is best for bikes surface. Bikers and bike enthusiasts alike also love Carnauba cleaner wax because it limits UV rays and pollution that ruin the bike’s surface due to oxidation. Polish, on the other hand, has fine grit on it. They can take off tiny portion of clear coat in order to avoid and not only limit oxidation that dulls the bike’s paint.

When your bike’s paint is black or other dark color, apply first a glaze then wax it. Glaze can be had in the same section as the wax. This may mean doubling the work but is definitely worth it!

With regards to spoke wheels an easy way to clean it is through a wide shoelace. Wrap the latter around the spoke then pull it back and forth. Easy isn’t it? When it comes to cases, use a toothbrush to clean it.

After cleaning it, apply Pam cooking spray to make it appear polished, shiny and wrinkle-free.

It is important to make your bike as well as your motorcycle parts clean and in good shape. That way, you are extending its durability and performance. Now that you know the valuable secrets in bike washing, use them to your advantage!

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